Mark Jones – CEO

Mark has a long history of working in transport and operations management.

He created Persona over 10 years ago with a single people carrier, and now runs a company with a fleet of 33 luxury vehicles, over a dozen specialist drivers and a support staff of 6. He still gets behind the wheel occasionally, but spends most of his time driving the company.


Sharron Jones – MD

The better half of the Jones family, Sharron runs the administration and financial side of the business. With a ‘champagne’ personality, you can always depend on Sharron to brighten your day.

On occasion, and usually by request, Sharron is a popular driver to a number of ‘A’ listers. With Sharron at the wheel, you’re guaranteed an entertaining journey.


Phil Holmes – Partner

As well as being a partner in the business and a regular driver, Phil has a lot of experience in close protection and works closely with our SIA ACS approved partners. His vast experience and knowledge make him a calming influence in what can be a highly fraught environment.

Logistics are his speciality, no corner of the UK unknown or unreachable, a living, breathing sat nav system, he can tell you exactly how to get there and long it will take – invaluable when planning productions across multiple locations or when arrival times really matter.



All Persona drivers are fully licensed, insured, skilled, presentable and courteous, but that’s just our base line. They’re also happy to help, fetch and carry that much needed cappuccino. Most importantly, they are pro-active and can think on their feet.

They know that if an artist isn’t quite ready for the pick-up and is likely to arrive late on set, they need to notify the 2nd AD so that make up and costume can reschedule. If your flight is delayed, they’ll check the revised arrival time, contact your office and be there for you at the gate, no matter how long the wait. 

They are also discreet; what starts in our cars stays in our cars.

We welcome feedback. If you’re happy, it’s nice to know. If for any reason our driver has failed to live up to expectations, please let us know that too, so that we can do better next time

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